29 Nov 2020
  • Use importlib.metadata from the stdlib on Python 3.8. (+305) (#303)

  • Micro-optimize type checks to use a set for lookups. (+327)

  • Documentation improvements.


20 Apr 2020
  • Patch release for Python 3.8 importlib_metadata support. (#300)


13 Apr 2020
  • Python 3.8 support. (#292)

  • jsonpickle.encode now supports the standard indent and separators arguments, and passes them through to the active JSON backend library. (#183)

  • We now include a custom handler for array.array objects. (#199)

  • Dict key order is preserved when pickling dictionaries on Python3. (#193)

  • Improved serialization of dictionaries with non-string keys. Previously, using an enum that was both the key and a value in a dictionary could end up with incorrect references to other objects. The references are now properly maintained for dicts with object keys that are also referenced in the dict’s values. (#286)

  • Improved serialization of pandas.Series objects. (#287)


13 Feb 2020
  • Improved round tripping of default dicts. (+283) (#282)

  • Better support for cyclical references when encoding with unpicklable=False. (+264)


15 May 2019
  • Simplified JSON representation for __reduce__ values. (+261)

  • Improved Pandas support with new handlers for more Pandas data types. (+256)

  • Prevent stack overflows caused by bugs in user-defined __getstate__ functions which cause infinite recursion. (+260) (#259)

  • Improved support for objects that contain dicts with Integer keys. Previously, jsonpickle could not restore objects that contained dicts with integer keys and provided getstate only. These objects are now handled robustly. (#247).

  • Support for encoding binary data in base85 instead of base64 has been added on Python 3. Base85 produces payloads about 10% smaller than base64, albeit at the cost of lower throughput. For performance and backwards compatibility with Python 2 the pickler uses base64 by default, but it can be configured to use base85 with the new use_base85 argument. (#251).

  • Dynamic SQLAlchemy tables in SQLAlchemy >= 1.3 are now supported. (#254).


22 Jan 2019
  • Python 3.7 collections.Iterator deprecation warnings have been fixed. (#229).

  • Improved Pandas support for datetime and complex numbers. (+245)


01 Sep 2018
  • NOTE jsonpickle no longer supports Python2.6, or Python3 < 3.4. The officially supported Python versions are now 2.7 and 3.4+.

  • Improved Pandas and Numpy support. (+227)

  • Improved support for pickling iterators. (+216)

  • Better support for the stdlib json module when simplejson is not installed. (+217)

  • jsonpickle will now output python3-style module names when pickling builtins methods or functions. (+223)

  • jsonpickle will always flatten primitives, even when max_depth is reached, which avoids encoding unicode strings into their u'string' representation. (+207) (#180) (#198).

  • Nested classes are now supported on Python 3. (+206) (#176).

  • Better support for older (pre-1.9) versions of numpy (+195).


09 Feb 2018
  • Better support for SQLAlchemy (#180).

  • Better support for NumPy and SciKit-Learn. (#184).

  • Better support for dict sub-classes (#156).


16 Jul 2017
  • Better support for objects that implement the reduce protocol. (+170) This backward-incompatible change removes the SimpleReduceHandler. Any projects registering that handler for a particular type should instead remove references to the handler and jsonpickle will now handle those types directly.


10 Jan 2017
  • Arbitrary byte streams are now better supported. (#143)

  • Better support for NumPy data types. The Python3 NumPy support is especially robust.

  • Fortran-ordered based NumPy arrays are now properly serialized.


09 Mar 2016
  • UUID objects can now be serialized (#130)

  • Added set_decoder_options method to allow decoder specific options equal to set_encoder_options.

  • Int keys can be encoded directly by e.g. demjson by passing numeric_keys=True and setting its backend options via jsonpickle.set_encoder_options(‘demjson’, strict=False).

  • Newer Numpy versions (v1.10+) are now supported.


20 Mar 2015
  • Fixes for serializing objects with custom handlers.

  • We now properly serialize deque objects constructed with a maxlen parameter.

  • Test suite fixes


12 Mar 2015

  • Support datetime objects with FixedOffsets.


16 Jan 2015
  • Support for Pickle Protocol v4.

  • We now support serializing defaultdict subclasses that use self as their default factory.

  • We now have a decorator syntax for registering custom handlers, and allow custom handlers to register themselves for all subclasses. (+104)

  • We now support serializing types with metaclasses and their instances (e.g., Python 3 enum).

  • We now support serializing bytestrings in both Python 2 and Python 3. In Python 2, the str type is decoded to UTF-8 whenever possible and serialized as a true bytestring elsewise; in Python 3, bytestrings are explicitly encoded/decoded as bytestrings. Unicode strings are always encoded as is in both Python 2 and Python 3.

  • Added support for serializing numpy arrays, dtypes and scalars (see jsonpickle.ext.numpy module).


06 Sep 2014

  • We now support serializing objects that contain references to module-level functions. (#77)

  • Better Pickle Protocol v2 support. (#78)

  • Support for string __slots__ and iterable __slots__. (#67) (#68)

  • encode() now has a warn option that makes jsonpickle emit warnings when encountering objects that cannot be pickled.

  • A Javascript implementation of jsonpickle is now included in the jsonpickleJS directory.


06 Aug 2014

  • We now properly serialize classes that inherit from classes that use __slots__ and add additional slots in the derived class.

  • jsonpickle can now serialize objects that implement __getstate__() but not __setstate__(). The result of __getstate__() is returned as-is when doing a round-trip from Python objects to jsonpickle and back.

  • Better support for collections.defaultdict with custom factories.

  • Added support for queue.Queue objects.


06 May 2014

  • Added support for Python 3.4.

  • Added support for posix.stat_result.


15 Mar 2014

  • Added handles decorator to jsonpickle.handlers.BaseHandler, enabling simple declaration of a handler for a class.

  • __getstate__() and __setstate__() are now honored when pickling objects that subclass dict.

  • jsonpickle can now serialize collections.Counter objects.

  • Object references are properly handled when using integer keys.

  • Object references are now supported when using custom handlers.

  • Decimal objects are supported in Python 3.

  • jsonpickle’s “fallthrough-on-error” behavior can now be disabled.

  • Simpler API for registering custom handlers.

  • A new “safe-mode” is provided which avoids eval(). Backwards-compatible deserialization of repr-serialized objects is disabled in this mode. e.g. decode(string, safe=True)


25 Aug 2013

  • Python 3.2 support, and additional fixes for Python 3.


24 Aug 2013

  • Python 3 support!

  • time.struct_time is now serialized using the built-in jsonpickle.handlers.SimpleReduceHandler.


22 Aug 2013

  • Non-string dictionary keys (e.g. ints, objects) are now supported by passing keys=True to jsonpickle.encode() and jsonpickle.decode().

  • We now support namedtuple, deque, and defaultdict.

  • Datetimes with timezones are now fully supported.

  • Better support for complicated structures e.g. datetime inside dicts.

  • jsonpickle added support for references and cyclical data structures in 0.4.0. This can be disabled by passing make_refs=False to jsonpickle.encode().


21 Jun 2011

  • Switch build from setuptools to distutils

  • Consistent dictionary key ordering

  • Fix areas with improper support for unpicklable=False

  • Added support for cyclical data structures (#16).

  • Experimental support for jsonlib and py-yajl backends.

  • New contributers David K. Hess and Alec Thomas


To support cyclical data structures (#16), the storage format has been modified. Efforts have been made to ensure backwards-compatibility. jsonpickle 0.4.0 can read data encoded by jsonpickle 0.3.1, but earlier versions of jsonpickle may be unable to read data encoded by jsonpickle 0.4.0.


12 Dec 2009

  • Include tests and docs directories in sdist for distribution packages.


11 Dec 2009

  • List and set subclasses.

  • Objects with module references.

  • Newstyle classes with __slots__.

  • Objects implementing __setstate__() and __getstate__() (follows the pickle protocol).

  • Improved support for Zope objects via pre-fetch.

  • Support for user-defined serialization handlers via the jsonpickle.handlers registry.

  • Removed cjson support per John Millikin’s recommendation.

  • General improvements to style, including PEP 257 compliance and refactored project layout.

  • Steps towards Python 2.3 and Python 3 support.

  • New contributors Dan Buch and Ian Schenck.

  • Thanks also to Kieran Darcy, Eoghan Murray, and Antonin Hildebrand for their assistance!


10 Jan 2009

  • Support for all major Python JSON backends (including json in Python 2.6, simplejson, cjson, and demjson)

  • Handle several datetime objects using the repr() of the objects (Thanks to Antonin Hildebrand).

  • Sphinx documentation

  • Added support for recursive data structures

  • Unicode dict-keys support

  • Support for Google App Engine and Django

  • Tons of additional testing and bug reports (Antonin Hildebrand, Sorin, Roberto Saccon, Faber Fedor, FirePython, and Joose)


22 Aug 2008

  • Added long as basic primitive (thanks Adam Fisk)

  • Prefer python-cjson to simplejson, if available

  • Major API change, use python-cjson’s decode/encode instead of simplejson’s load/loads/dump/dumps

  • Added benchmark.py to compare simplejson and python-cjson


22 Jul 2008

  • Changed prefix of special fields to conform with CouchDB requirements (Thanks Dean Landolt). Break backwards compatibility.

  • Moved to Google Code subversion

  • Fixed unit test imports


  • Convert back to setup.py from pavement.py (issue found by spidaman)


  • Handle feedparser’s FeedParserDict

  • Converted project to Paver

  • Restructured directories

  • Increase test coverage


Initial release