Contributing to jsonpickle

We welcome contributions from everyone. Please fork jsonpickle on github.

Get the Code

git clone git://

Run the Test Suite

Before code is pulled into the master jsonpickle branch, all tests should pass. If you are contributing an addition or a change in behavior, we ask that you document the change in the form of test cases.

The jsonpickle test suite uses several JSON encoding libraries as well as several libraries for sample objects. To simplify the process of setting up these libraries we recommend creating a virtualenv and using a pip requirements file to install the dependencies. In the base jsonpickle directory:

# create a virtualenv that is completely isolated from the
# site-wide python install
virtualenv --no-site-packages env

# activate the virtualenv
source env/bin/activate

# use pip to install the dependencies listed in the requirements file
pip install --upgrade -r tests/test-req.txt

To run the suite, simply invoke tests/

$ tests/
test_None (util_tests.IsPrimitiveTestCase) ... ok
test_bool (util_tests.IsPrimitiveTestCase) ... ok
test_dict (util_tests.IsPrimitiveTestCase) ... ok
test_float (util_tests.IsPrimitiveTestCase) ... ok

Generate Documentation

You do not need to generate the documentation when contributing, though, if you are interested, you can generate the docs yourself. The following requires Sphinx (present if you follow the virtualenv instructions above):

# pull down the sphinx-to-github project
git submodule init
git submodule update

cd docs
make html

If you wish to browse the documentation, use Python’s SimpleHTTPServer to host them at http://localhost:8000:

cd build/html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

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